Adult Classes:

Shaolin Kung Fu is widely viewed as a children's activity, however, it is so broad in its features that it is suited for individuals of all ages. Many teens and adults train in Shaolin Kung Fu for self defense, physical fitness, stress relief, self confidence, coordination and balance, and mind/body awareness.

Teens and adults of all ages and sizes can all reap the benefits of Shaolin Kung Fu.


Our programs provide teens with the self-confidence and focus they need to make it in today's world. With a safe and supportive learning environment, teens will develop perseverance, goal-setting, honor, discipline, teamwork, and learn important life lessons along the way.

Teens find our Kung Fu program to be highly energetic, motivating, and consistently challenging. Students enjoy our workouts as well as the lifelong friendships that are built while training with the students at our school.


Our adult classes are structured with the busy schedule of today’s professionals in mind. We offer a variety of day and evenings classes throughout the week as well as classes all day on weekends. Adult classes consist of basic skills such as open-hand forms, self-defense forms, and San Da (Chinese Kick Boxing). Initial skill training focuses on basic Kung Fu movements including striking, kicking, jumping, defensive/offensive stances, and basic forms. As the student progresses, training then continues to more advanced movements, techniques, forms, and weapons.

Additionally, Master Feng is also committed to the training of his teenage and adult students. His patience and passion for teaching allows him to effectively channel each student into reach their full potential at any age.