Qi Gong:

"Qi" (氣) (“breathing”, “air”, “gas” and “vapor” and also be used in the context of describing the relationship between matter, energy and spirit) and "Gong" (功) is that of achievement or results. Together, these two words combine to describe systems and methods of “energy cultivation” and the manipulation of intrinsic energy within living organisms.

It is considered an important component in enhancing martial abilities. Both Taoist and Buddhist use Qi Gong as part of their meditative practice. Basic training requires the practitioner to hold the body in a particular posture visualization or focus on specific ideas, sounds, images, concepts or breathing patterns.

Meditation Qi Gong is a popular method of mind and body training found in many different cultures. The meditation is focused on humanity and virtue with the aim of self-enlightenment. The aim is to still the mind either through a focus outward such as place, inwards such as the breath, or the idea of the eternal as represented by a Buddha.