Second Master Feng

Second Master Shi Yan Feng was born in the city of Dengfeng, Henan Province, China. His training in Kung Fu began at age 5 and, by age 6, was accepted as a student at the Shaolin Temple.

By 2008, he had won various championship titles most notably in the fist, staff, and sword forms. Throughout his tenure at the Shaolin Temple, Second Master Feng acted as an ambassador on behalf of the Shaolin Temple during Kung Fu events for aficionados from countries around the world. Since that time, he went on to train with several local master-level practitioners such as Master Zhao Qingjian of the Beijing Wushu Team; Master Yang Yuhong of the Shanghai Wushu Team; and Master Lu Yongxu of the Shanghai Wushu Team to further advance in his training.

In early 2009, he received his 1st Class-Coaching Certificate in Wushu and by late 2009 was performing in the Performing Arts of the 11th People’s Republic of China Athletic Competition Opening Ceremony as demonstration of his outstanding martial arts abilities.

As of June 2010, he is officially proclaimed as a 34th-generation disciple for the Songshan Shaolin Temple earning the name, Master Shi Yan Feng. Shortly thereafter, he went on to earn his Kung Fu 4th Level Certificate awarded by Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Association.

He is the younger brother of First Master Shi Yan Feng and continues the family tradition with a career in Shaolin Kung Fu. In February of 2011, he received his visa to come to the US and on March 12, 2011, Second Master Shi Yan Feng finally made his US debut. A warm welcome party was held in his honor with performances and demonstrations by the students and First Master Feng. He currently teaches alongside his older brother as the Second Master of American Shaolin Kung Fu.