New Students

If you would like to try a complimentary introduction class,please contact us to schedule a time. Our school welcomes individuals new to Shaolin Kung Fu to try a class free of charge. The complimentary class you may participate in will be based upon your level of experience. There are a few thingsto know when you become a student of American Shaolin Kung Fu.

Entering theTraining Hall

Upon entering the school, please bow towards the masters as you enter the training hall in the traditional Shaolin way. If you do not see the instructor, bow towards the middle of the room and then enter. You may ask any of the masters for clarification if you are unfamiliar with the correct manner in which to bow.

Class Attire

All students are asked to wear the full uniform to each class. New students will obtain a uniform as they begin classes. It is a sign of respect to the school and to the masters to show up in full uniform to every class. If you need to buy an additional uniform, please reques tit from the masters in advance to ensure availability.

During Class

Students are expected to come to class focused and with a positive attitude. Respect should be held for the training area and the other students at all times.

During class, all students are to follow the master's directions and work on what he assigns you. Encouragement of your fellow students is highly suggested as to achieve a non-competitive environment. We ask that the students do not teach one another unless specifically requested by the masters to do so. Teaching is the master's role and it is up to him to decide who should learn what, when, and from whom. Same level students may share or work together on their own forms, etc., but for more advanced or subtle matters it is always best to seek the master's input first.

Also, American Shaolin Kung Fu will not tolerateany fighting, bullying, or dangerous/disruptive showing off. Any students caught fighting, bullying, or engaging in dangerous/disruptive behavior will be given a warning. If the behavior continues, the masters reserve the right to ask you to leave the school permanently.