San Da:

San Da (散手), also known as "San Shoo" or "Chinese Kick Boxing" was originally developed by the Chinese military from immense study of various traditional methods.  The training is rigorous and requires hard conditioning where the student trains extensively to improve endurance and stamina.  Students learn kicking, punching, elbows, knees, sweeps, takedowns and throws.  Class sessions generally involve sparring (one on one fighting) with protective gear.

This form of martial arts teaches traditional form-work, physical and mental development, Chin Na (controlling/locking joints or muscles/tendons), and practical self-defense moves.  San Da is typically practiced as a combat sport and includes rules restricting certain tactics and techniques.  It also teaches ‘Yi Quan’, a fighting technique which emphasizes the cultivation and utilization of ‘Qi’ to increase power and effectiveness in sparring.